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Colton Kooker, Executive Producer
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The Shipyard

Helping to execute a wide range of creative visions, Avey has been the go-to animation team for the renowned agency, The Shipyard. Ranging from broadcast spots for Round Up to social ads for SDGE, we've had an extensive relationship.

the Story

The Shipyard is a distinguished agency that works with many brands across the country. Their highly talented team of creative directors and producers comes to Avey to execute their creative visions. We have worked on a broad range of projects, from Round Up to San Diego Gas & Electric, to CO-OP Financial Services, to Protective Insurance.
This spot ran on broadcast to encourage San Diego's new electric vehicle tax credit. The Shipyard came to us with the idea of following a car driving around from an aerial view and we took it from there. This spot was a blast to collaborate on!

Social spots

We animated this vertical series that ran on Instagram and Snapchat.
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