Avey Creative
Denver, Colorado
Colton Kooker, Executive Producer
1457 Holland Street
Lakewood, CO 80215


We teamed up with the awesome group at Green Stone to create 3D loops for the new Hearthside Food Solutions website brand launch. We designed abstract scenes that looped endlessly, bringing movement and detail to the brand.

the Story

Avey teamed up with the amazing crew at Green Stone as they constructed a whole new brand and website for the massive food manufacturer Hearthside Food Solutions. We were tasked with creating 3D loops that would bring the site to life. Since Hearthside covers so many facets, our challenge was to design a concept that was abstract enough to not point to specific actions, but represent the general idea of their services.

We delivered 10 total assets, 5 of which would represent abstract concepts such as "Lower Costs" and "Operational Scalability" and the other 5 would be more technical such as "Making Bars" and "Supply Chain".

The final result

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